Your body talks to you. Are you listening?

Odds are that no one has modeled for you ways to listen to the magnificent wisdom vessel you have available to you 24/7. It’s also likely that no one has slowed down with you in order to help you discover the most effective and personalized ways for you to connect to your thoughts, emotions, sensations and behaviors, which happen to all be connected. 
We find it is a common experience for people to be more compassionate with others than they are with themselves. Do you also think this is ironic?
However, if you have compassion turned outward on lock, keep that!
And… Soul Centric Counseling is here to help you, through customized practices, turn kindness, curiosity and open hearted listening and speaking inward, towards yourself!
It’s also the case that maybe you’re not so kind to others. Maybe your attention has been overly inner focused and you’re finally ready to explore what’s going on that makes it hard for you to build and sustain meaningful, fulfilling relationships. 
We’re here for you too!
If you are interested in having a professional to partner with you on your journey towards greater love, joy and an ungraded quality of life, let us know! 
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Our team of therapists are here for you throughout your entire journey towards healing.

Each one of our therapists brings a unique experience, so you can find the one who is just right for you.

Feel seen and heard for who you are as you build resilience, learn to live empowered, and feel connected to yourself and others.

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