About & Services

We are on a mission to provide to provide inclusive and customized
individual, family, relationship and group mental health services to
underrepresented and underestimated adolescents and adults throughout California. 

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Poly, Kinky & Gender, Sexual and Relational Minorities (GSRM)
People of Global Majority & Black, Indigenous and other People of Color (BIPOC)
People with Disabilities & Chronic Conditions

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Our integrative counseling is useful for people wanting help with:
Relational & Developmental Trauma
Reworking a Relationship with Substances
Physical Trauma & Sexual Abuse/Assault
Compulsive Sexual Behavior
Veteran & First Responder Trauma
Multigenerational & Immigration Complexities
Psychedelic Preparation & Integration
Painful or Difficult Consensual Sex
Transitions, Loss & Traumatic Grief
Neurodiversity & Neurodivergent Marginalization
Relationship & Parenthood Uncertainty

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Our services are for:
Adolescent (16+) and Adult Individuals
People in Intimate Relationships
Family Members

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Communication - We foster an environment for people to effectively communicate their needs and wants towards transformation and growth

Education - We offer brain, body and emotion education to help people make strategic choices, enhance personal safety and live a higher quality of life

Relationship - We create conditions for people to do their most challenging healing work while in connection with attuned, safe enough others

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Our team is here to help you reduce shame and feel encouraged to share your story by creating a welcoming, open-minded and brave and safe-enough space where you can experience what needs to be experienced. At Soul Centric Counseling, you will be given the support and resources needed to become more aware of your mind and body, so you feel entitled and empowered to heal. We do everything we can to support your comfort. With every session, our goal is to help you live engaged, feel validated, and be seen.



Ways We're Different

At Soul Centric Counseling, we’re a shame-free zone.

We offer a welcoming and calm (virtual) environment to help you feel seen and heard. 

Present-moment awareness_v1

Encouraging present-moment awareness

Brain and body_v2

Engaging the brain and body for inner healing


Offering guidance through an anti-oppressive lens


Inspiring shame transformation and courage restoration

collaboration and creativity_v5

Building connection through creativity and collaboration