What Can Depression Feel Like?

  • You often have a persistent sense of sadness or hopelessness
  • You find engaging in activities you once enjoyed difficult, and need more motivation towards doing anything
  • Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and others, or irritable and intolerant towards everyone?
  • Are you experiencing physical symptoms such as fatigue, changes in appetite, or sleep disturbances?
  • Have you been having thoughts of self-harm or suicide?
  • Does making simple decisions seem daunting?


These are just some of the common symptoms you might experience during depression.

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What Exactly is Depression?

Depression goes far beyond mere sadness; it's a complex mood disorder that manifests in many different ways, profoundly impacting individuals' emotional well-being, relationships, and overall quality of life. While depression has no singular cause, it can be influenced by many things including biological and environmental stressors. It can affect anyone at any age and is very prevalent today.

In our culture, there's an expectation of constant happiness, which can be exhausting and contribute to feelings of sadness. It's important to recognize that experiencing a range of emotions is normal and valid. At Soul Centric Counseling, we comprehend the intricate nature of depression and stand ready to offer compassionate, tailored support.

Our Approach at Soul Centric Counseling


At Soul Centric Counseling, we understand that depression is a complex and deeply personal experience that affects individuals in different profound ways. Our dedicated team is committed to providing compassionate support tailored to your unique journey through depression. We create a safe, non-judgmental space where you can openly share your feelings and experiences without fear of stigma. We believe in the power of being present and engaged in the healing process, working collaboratively with you to navigate the challenges of depression. Through our empathetic approach, we empower you to rediscover your sense of self-worth and find comfort on the path to inner peace with yourself. 

Ready to take the first step towards a brighter tomorrow? Schedule a consultation with Soul Centric Counseling today and let our team support you on your journey towards healing.