Our Therapists

The partners you need to live empowered and connected.

Our team of compassionate therapists is here to help you feel seen, heard, and validated.
We work with you to build a strong connection, so you feel safe to fully speak your truth.

We understand it takes time to find the right therapist that you feel comfortable with. And it takes a lot of courage! 

That’s why we do everything we can to help you get to know us a bit more. 

Tessa Hernandez MA AMFT

Tessa Hernandez (she) I believe that you are powerful and I want to help you to chart new territory in your life by restructuring your use of substances.

Will Devon Sand

William Devon-Sand (he) I help teens, young adults and their parents too, to sort out the racing thoughts and worries related to academic and career transitions.

"Erin" Roldan (she) If you’re questioning your worth or feeling less than lovable, I’m here to help you step into confidence and freedom.

Maria Thompson MA AMFT

Maria Thompson (she) I love working with English & Spanish speaking couples who come from different backgrounds and need help stabilizing their relationship and family unit.

Wendy Taylor, Therapist

Wendy Taylor (she) I bring my experiences from theater, yoga and plant medicine journeys to help folx deal with hurts in order to touch into pleasure.

Karla Amanda Brown

Karla Amanda Brown (she) Founder & CEO